First Design & What’s Next

Based on feedback from our community brainstorming sessions, artist Laura McLaughlin created this design for the mural. Next, Laura will paint out the design on hardibacker boards that will be used as our template. We will then invite the community back to make personalized clay medallions to incorporate. Finally, we will ask the community to help us break up the tile and build the mosaic by adhering the tile to the template. When the building process is complete, Laura will install the mosaic on the exterior wall of the building.


Mural Planning Sessions

The library hosted mural planning session on November 7 and December 17. We asked community members to tell us what they love about South Park, its rich history, and ambitions for the future. Mural artist, Laura McLaughlin led brainstorming activities to help generate ideas for what will be represented in the final design.

Medallion Making at the Middle School

Students at the South Park Middle School met with Artist Laura McLaughlin on March 6, 2019 to create medallions that will be incorporated into the mosaic. The clay medallions will be unique and hand-crafted and will allow community members to add a personal touch to the mosaic. Laura will paint and fire them and they will added to the mosaic when the build phase begins.